About Us

40 years

of experience in the

Pakistan ophthalmology industry


To empower eye practitioners to provide the highest level of care to their patients, through introducing cutting-edge procedures and technologies; thereby, transforming the current ophthalmic industry landscape.

Mubarak Vision is a family owned Company based at Lahore, Pakistan.

Mubarak Sons entered the ophthalmology industry when the company started selling contact lens care products in 1983. After the dissolution of Mubarak Sons in 2005, Mubarak Vision was formed. Today, Mubarak Vision is a family-owned company headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan.

Since then, Mubarak Vision has been dedicating its efforts to market state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgical products from cataract, vitreoretinal, corneal to oculo-plastics products. In 2017, Mubarak Vision increased its exposure in the surgical medical device sector paving the way toward a more digitally-transformative future strategy by forming Mubarak Mikrotek.


Integrity, Ambition, Service, Innovation, Performance are our brand’s core values

Our products, services and people will be the most valued by the ophthalmic industry around Pakistan.

Our Leadership Team

Nazir Chowhan

Founder & CEO

Nazir Ahmad Chowhan started this company in 2005 after the liquidation of Mubarak Sons. He has 40 years of experience in the ophthalmic industry in Pakistan; thereby, having curated relationships in the ophthalmology industry nationwide across Pakistan.

Tallah Chowhan

Chief Operating Officer

Tallah Ahmad Chowhan has completed energy engineering with electrical and computer engineering from UC Berkeley and Jacobs University. He has experience in finance, growth and operations having worked in both the US and Germany.

Company History

  • 2005Mubarak Vision is formed

  • 2007Geuder signed

    Agreement with Geuder signed
  • 2009Fred Hollows and Network Medical

    Distributorship with Fred Hollows and Network Medical Signed
  • 2010Alchimia and Sharpoint

    Distributorship with Alchimia and Sharpoint signed
  • 2011 Foldable IOL market

    Entry into Foldable IOL market. Agreement signed with Zaraccom
  • 2014 Katena, AKtive and Sterimedix

    Agreement with Katena, AKtive and Sterimedix signed
  • 2015Katalyst

    Agreement signed with Katalyst
  • 2016Everraid

    Agreeement signed with Everraid signed
  • 2017FCI and Albomed

    Agreeement signed with FCI and Albomed signed
  • 2018 Innovia Medica Partner

    Innovia Medical is signed as a partner
  • 2019Eagle Labs partner

    Eagle Labs onboarded as a partner
  • 2020COVID-19

  • 2021Simedice and Tecfen partners

    Simedice and Tecfen become partners
  • And the progress continues